ABC ID - Academic Bank of Credits

The ABC ID is a special 12-digit code for students in India, created under the National Education Policy 2020. It provides a "credit transfer" system that allows students to switch from one program to another.

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Create ABC ID (Students)

Students can choose from different ways to create ABC ID. Below, we explain each step on how to create your ABC ID:

Through DigiLocker Portal:

  • Step 1: Visit the Official Website
    Go to the DigiLocker website or download the app to start the process.
  • Step 2: Sign Up or Sign In
    If you're a new user, click “Sign Up” and fill in the required fields to create an account. If you already have an account, simply click on "Sign In".
  • Step 3: Navigate to ABC
    Once logged in, find and click on the “Join Now” button under the Academic Bank of Credits banner on the homepage.
Navigate ABC ID on DigiLocker
  • Step 4: Enter Your Details
    Provide your personal and academic details, such as name, date of birth, admission year, and institution name.
Create ABC Through DigiLocker
  • Step 5: Generate Your ABC ID
    Click “Get Document” to create your ABC ID. Once it's ready, you can download the document as a PDF.

Through UMANG Portal:

  • Step 1: Visit the Official Website or App
    Navigate to the UMANG website or download the UMANG app to initiate the process.
  • Step 2: Log In or Sign Up
    If you are an existing user, log in with your credentials. New users should sign up by providing their mobile number and other necessary details.
  • Step 3: Access the ABC Section
    Once logged in, locate and select the ABC (Academic Bank of Credits) section within the UMANG portal.
Find ABC on UMANG Portal
  • Step 4: Enter Your Academic Information
    Fill in your academic details as required, similar to the procedure followed in DigiLocker, including your institution's name and your year of admission.
Create and Download ABC ID On UMANG
  • Step 5: Submit and Download
    Submit the entered details. Once your ABC ID document is generated, download it from the platform.

Through ABC Portal:

  • Step 1: Visit the Official ABC Portal.
  • Step 2: Access the My Account Section
    Choose the "Student" option in the "My Account" section. Now, you will have the option to either "Sign in" with existing credentials or "Sign up" by entering your details.
  • Step 3: Create Your ABC ID
    After logging in or signing up, you'll be prompted to create your ABC ID. This involves entering specific academic information.
  • Step 4: Enter Academic Details
    Fill out the form with your academic details. This includes the type of identification you have (like a roll number or registration number) and the name of your institution.
  • Step 5: Complete the Process
    Submit the information and agree to any required consents. Once your ABC ID is ready, you will have the option to download it.
This guide will help college institute to create ABC ID in bulk.

Download ABC ID Card

To download your ABC ID, first sign in to DigiLocker. Then, navigate to the 'Issued Documents' section. Here, you will find the download icon next to the ABC ID column. Click on this icon to download your ABC ID.

Download ABC ID Card

ABC ID Card Correction - Name, DOB, Gender

To update your ABC ID Card, log into your DigiLocker account and navigate to the 'Issued Document' section, where click on refresh your Aadhaar card details option. Following this, refresh your ABC ID Card within the same section. If the information does not update immediately, you may need to refresh again after 2–3 days, as the system might take time to process the changes.

What is ABC ID?

The Academic Bank of Credits (ABC) is designed to enable students to move freely between different Higher Education Institutions in the country. It provides a "credit transfer" system that allows students to switch from one program to another, helping them achieve a Degree, Diploma, or Postgraduate Diploma.

ABC ID is linked to a system called APAAR, which ensures accountability and transparency by keeping track of students' progress and records.

How Does the ABC System Works?

The ABC System allows students to transfer credits between different educational institutions. "Credits earned by a student in one program at an institution can be transferred or redeemed at another institution with the student's consent. This credit transfer is crucial for successful study mobility."

How Does the ABC System Works?


The ABC ID offers numerous benefits that significantly enhance the educational experience for students.

  • Enable Student Mobility : The ABC ID allows students to switch between schools easily without needing to reapply or lose any previous work.
  • Foster Academic Flexibility : This system gives students the freedom to shape their education according to their own goals and desires.
  • Empower Personal Learning Paths : With the ABC ID, students can choose their own educational routes, making learning more tailored and effective for them.
  • Recognize Learning Achievements : It ensures that the hard work and achievements of students are acknowledged across various institutions, affirming their dedication and effort wherever they decide to study.


The ABC system offers a range of features designed to enhance the educational experience for students.

  • Multiple Entry and Exit Points : Utilize the flexibility of the ABC system to start or pause your educational journey as needed, offering unparalleled adaptability to your life's changes.
  • Anytime, Anywhere Learning : Access educational materials and courses from any location at any time, breaking down geographical and time barriers, through the ABC system's supportive platform.
  • Study at Your Own Pace : Take advantage of the ABC system's flexibility to accommodate your unique learning speed and style, essential for a personalized education experience.
  • Transparency in Education : Rely on the ABC system's commitment to clarity, providing clear information about courses, credits, and requirements, helping you make informed decisions about your education.

Achievements and Statics

As of the latest update, there are 29.18 crore students and learners registered on the platform. Furthermore, there are 22.23 lakh unique student credit awards that have been seeded with APAAR/ABC ID.

In terms of academic institutions (AIs), there are a total of 1,855 universities, including Institutes of National Importance (INIs), that have registered on ABC. Out of these, 580 academic institutions have uploaded credit data for the years 2021, 2022, and 2023.

Additionally, there is a total of 45.78 lakh academic records with credit data that have been successfully mapped with APAAR/ABC IDs, indicating a significant level of engagement and data integration within the educational framework.

You can find out more about our accomplishments and statics here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below, you can find frequently asked questions and their answers.

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What is APAAR?

APAAR, short for Automated Permanent Academic Account Registry, is a unique identification system created for students across India. This initiative falls under the 'One Nation, One Student ID' program initiated by the Union government, in line with the 2020 National Education Policy.

What are the benefits of APAAR/ABC ID?

APAAR/ABC ID promotes transparency and accountability in the educational sector by monitoring student achievements and simplifying the management of academic records.

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