ABHA Card Services On UMANG

The ABHA (Ayushman Bharat Health Account) Card is part of India's ambitious Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission, launched by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, it introduces a unique 14-digit health ID for every citizen.

The UMANG app / portal offers ABHA services, allowing users to manage their ABHA directly from their mobile devices. In this article, I'll show you how to create, download, or manage your ABHA card using the UMANG.

Create / Download ABHA Card Using UMANG

You can create or manage your ABHA card through the UMANG Portal - https://web.umang.gov.in/landing/, by following these steps.

  • Step 1: Visit UMANG Portal or App
    Start by going to the UMANG portal or app. If you haven't already, create your account.
UMANG Registration
  • Step 2: Log In
    After creating your account, log in to proceed to your dashboard.
  • Step 3: Search for ABHA
    Use the search bar on the homepage to look for ABHA.
Search ABHA
  • Step 4: Access ABHA in Search Results
    From the search results, click on ABHA to open the ABHA Service Dashboard.
  • Step 5: Explore ABHA Dashboard Options
    The dashboard presents various options like Create ABHA Number, Registration, Download ABHA Card, Link My Health Card, and My Records.
Download ABHA Card
  • Step 6: Choose Your Required Action
    Select the action you need. For example, to create an ABHA number, choose that option and provide your Aadhaar number to proceed.
Create ABHA Number Using UMANG

If you're going to download your ABHA card, click on the download option, enter your ABHA number, and authenticate with an OTP.

ABHA Card Download
You can also check your health record. For this, you need to select the "My Records" option and log in using your mobile number, email ID, ABHA Number, or ABHA Address.

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