Samagra ID Search

The Samagra ID is a unique identification system implemented by the government of Madhya Pradesh, India, aimed at improving the delivery of government services to its citizens.

There are two types: one for each person (Samagra Member ID) and one for the whole family (Samagra Family ID).

This article covers how to find your Samagra ID using Family and Member IDs, including searches by member ID and mobile number.

Search Samagra ID

You can easily find out your unique 9-digit Samagra ID in the following ways:

Search By ID

If you have your family's or member' Samagra ID, select the related option, input the required details, and then press the card print button.

Samagra ID Search By Family ID

Search By Mobile Number

Use a family member's name or mobile number by entering the member's mobile number, age group, and the first two letters of the member's name to proceed.

Samagra ID Search By Name and Mobile Number

Search By Name

You can find your Samagra ID by name by providing details such as district, local body, gender, first name, last name, gram Panchayat, and your village/ward.

Samagra ID search by name
If you can't locate your Samagra ID using the methods mentioned, visit your local Gram Panchayat/Janpad Panchayat office in rural areas, or the ward/zone office in urban areas, to search for your Samagra ID in the resident register.

Tips and Additional Information

  • Accurate Information: Ensure that the Samagra information you enter is accurate and matches the records to avoid errors in the search process.
  • Update Information: If there are any changes in your family details, make sure to update the information on the Samagra portal to keep your records current.
  • Helpline and Support: For any issues or assistance, you can contact the Samagra Helpline No.: 0755-2700800 & Email: or visit your Panchayat office.

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